PDFA Trophy

Sunday Trophy

Participant gets a bye : TML Village

Participant gets a bye : AFC Bedhampton Reserves

Participant gets a bye : West end united

Participant gets a bye : Whiteley FC

Participant gets a bye : Gosport Athletic

Participant gets a bye : Friends Fighting Cancer (FFC).

Participant gets a bye : Castle Royals

Participant gets a bye : Lord Chichester

Participant gets a bye : AFC Hilsea

Round 1 - Results

Priddys Hard FC vs Titchfield 2 vs 3

AFC Farlington Reserves vs Wickham Dynamos First FC 11 vs 2

AFC Prospect Farm Rangers vs Cowplain FC 2 vs 6

Freehouse FC vs Saturn Royale 2 vs 2 (Pens 5 vs 4)

Manor House FC vs Hatton Rovers 4 vs 2

AFC Bedhampton Village First vs Chichester United 6 vs 3

Sarisbury Spartans Reserves vs Lee Rangers FC Away Walkover

Round 2 - Matches to be played Sunday 19th November 2023

Manor House FC vs Friends Fighting Cancer (FFC). 5 vs 3

Castle Royals vs Gosport Athletic 1 vs 5

Whiteley FC vs Freehouse FC 2 vs 7

Lord Chichester vs West End United 1 vs 3

AFC Farlington Reserves vs AFC Bedhampton Reserves 7 vs 3

Lee Rangers FC vs AFC Hilsea 4 vs 1

Titchfield vs AFC Bedhampton Village First - 3 vs 3 (Pens 2 vs 4)

TML Village vs Cowplain FC 0 vs 1

Quarter-Final - Matches to be played, Sunday 28th January 2024

Freehouse FC vs Lee Rangers FC 2 vs 1

West End United vs Gosport Athletic 2 vs 1

AFC Bedhampton Village First vs Manor House FC 4 vs 1

AFC Farlington Reserves vs Cowplain FC 1 vs 0

Semi-Final - Matches to played Sunday 25th February 2024

West End United First vs AFC Farlington Reserves - Away Win (West End Utd withdrawn)

Freehouse FC vs Bedhampton Village First 3 vs 1

Final - Sunday 7th April 2024 at AFC Portchester, The OnSite Group Stadium, PO16 9DP - kick-off: 2pm

Freehouse FC vs AFC Farlington Reserves